Frequently Asked Questions

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No, we provide waxed cardboard flats for you to use and take home.  You can fill them however full you want, although we recommend not putting more than 10 lbs in a flat.  By filling the container too full, you will bruise the berries on the bottom. 

It is your choice if you want to continue picking, but if there is lightening we request that you come in from the field.  If it starts raining while you are picking, our Strawberry Expresses will come out to the field to pick you up and bring you back to our Market.

Our fields are heavily mulched with corn stalks. Your feet or knees may get a little wet, but you will not get muddy.

Yes! We accept major credit and debit cards.

No. Once a strawberry is picked they will stay in that ripening state.

Several days.  Do not wash them or take their stems off until you are ready to eat them or freeze them.  Store strawberries in the refrigerator, uncovered or loosely covered.

Put them in a colander and rinse them off with cool water.  Do not soak them in water.

For more care information please visit our Strawberry Tips and Tricks Page.

We have two main varieties, one is about a week earlier then the other.  We also have several different beds and they all ripen at different stages. 

Yes!  This is a great family fun time and even an educational experience as they learn how to harvest their own food! We do ask that children stay in a row with a grown-up and must not run or jump rows.

We are always closed on Sunday.  Sometimes we need to close for a day to let the berries ripen, so be sure to call or check our website before coming.